BOE 360° Foldable Screen technology breaks the limitation of single-way folding

    BOE’s 360° Foldable Screen Demo Supports three forms of display: Unfolded – Tablet mode, Inward Fold, and Outward Fold

    Nowadays foldable displays become the future of smartphones so that flexible foldable screen technology can become a new smartphone maker that must be a new option. Currently, major cell phone manufacturers have released foldable phone, mainly flexible external folding, flexible internal folding, two-fold form.

    Mobile display technology becomes more mature, more and more foldable phones are unveiled with increasingly diverse needs of the high demand of users. IDC expects domestic shipments of foldable screen products to exceed 1 million units by 2023.

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    According to the latest news, BOE is the only enterprise in the world that achieves massive production of both flexible external folding and internal folding display. The BOE official claim, to effectively reduce the pressure of flexible “external folding” and “internal folding”, and to realize the low folding effect of flexible “internal” and “external” folds, BOE adopts multiple neutral layer model designs and the folding life reaches 200,000 times. Users can enjoy the freedom to fold!

    BOE has already achieved mass production of R5 200,000 external folding displays and another R3 200,000 internal folding displays, supplying domestic first-tier smartphone makers. In the mass production of flexible external and internal folding displays, BOE has also laid out flexible slide rolls and flexible 360° folding technology.

    From the official display, BOE flexible 360 ​​folding technology breaks the limitation of single-way folding of the display module to achieve internal folding + spreading + external folding 360 achieve form.


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